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Touch wood, feel good.

Do you know this feeling?
Well, this is what happened to me and so I ended up being connected to mother nature since 22 years.

It all started with my work as a nature-near landscape gardner in 1997. Because our landscaping was focused on nature near techniques with natural and eco-friendly materials, I constantly was surrounded by beautiful forms, textures and colours. I always found something mesmerizing...and so I ended up taking things home and do some decor or art out of branches, barks, roots, stones and so on.

I remember my very first creation made of 'left over' materials  was a clothes rack. The smooth bark from felled hornbeam branches were ideal for my daughter's room. (at that time a little girl...)

Since then I continued producing decor, art and jewellery.  My ideas multiplied by some creative factor. The ideas come spontanously, intuitively and sometimes in a sequence. 

2004-2006 followed a study in sustainable development at sanu in Biel/CH. It was during an internship at a sustainable property management where I achieved my first insights on how we can actively influence our wellbeing through natural resources.

Further self-studies followed in health aspects, botanical and scientific reports and geomancy. Together with my diverse work experiences and international life experience I then received deeper insights on how we can actively influence our wellbeing through Nature and its elements.

As a result I gained a new awareness of how everything is interconnected. Nature, environment and wellbeing are therefore themes which always take part in my products. 
Touch wood, feel good. 


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Why Nature deco and spiritual art?

My products are all eco-friendly, regionally produced, organic and sustainable. All are handpicked and handmade by myself, with care, admiration and love. Every piece is unique and an original! 


When I go into nature to look for materials I make sure not to harm plants or trees nor to take more than a habitat's needs.
This is why my products are not always reproducible. (Except for the moonwood which I get from a moonwood specialist), 

Nature is our only source of life, especially with the help of the trees. Already being around trees can be calming. Trees are so big, powerful and beautiful. One feels protected and this creates confidence in us, 

Living in a digital age requires a lot of agility and many people feel overwhelmed. The new cycles change differently and often appear to us as unforeseen. This creates uncertainty and weakens the resilience which often leads to feeling 'disconnected'.

With my work I offer one way of connecting to Mother Nature in order to connect with your inner self. Feeling connected is feeling confident. Feeling confident can help dealing with changes in life.

Wishing you lots of joy and many fullfilling moments with my nature deco, jewellery and spiritual art products.

Yvonne Aida Schmid


About me


Hello & Welcome
Since 22 years I enjoy working with the amazing materials from Mother Nature.


With my products I offer a way of reconnection to our source of life. By wearing a pendant, admiring a beautiful artistic object or using natural decor at home, it shall be a kind of a reminder. 


Nature's beauty is the energy to connect to our inner being and find inner peace. This can be a big support in our every day life. Like a sunset: We can watch it a hundred times, we still enjoy it every time we see it again. This feeling is the kind of nature energy which is comforting, reassuring and strenghtening.

All of my products are made with care, admiration and love. The raw pieces I collect carefully in different regions of Switzerland and South East Sussex. The moonwood I get from a moonwood specialist & carpenter in Switzerland.

Mother Nature is incredibly inspiring and being regularly in touch with nature renews this energy.  

Try it!

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