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These Arven pendants come in different sizes and shapes. You can also choose between with or with semiprecious stones, crystals.


Arven wood is famous for its amazing fragrance! This unique scent comes from the essential oil which is produced by the arven tree itself, so absolutely natural! In the past the arven wood was used for the construction of alp cottages. Whoever has been in one may remember the lovely smell of these wooden houses - well, this is the arven scent!  - (ps. Arven tree belongs to the pine family)


Arven tree 'Queen of the Alps"

The arven tree is the highest growing tree in the alps (up to 2'765 m above sea level! It is therefore called the queen of the alps and is a 'master of survival'. In a rough environment when it's stormy weather, temperatures below zero degrees celsius, exposed to avelanches and heavy snow loading on the trees, the arven tree would rather bend then break. It would lay down onto the ground untill spring and then straighten up again. 


Arven wood - Resilience, Antibacterial, Transformation, Regeneration

The moonwood specialist refers these amazing arven characteristics to the qualities of arven wood. It is said that Arven wood lowers weather sensitivity, headache and migrane. Further it has defensive effects against moths and scientific studies proved that it affects harmful organisms like moulds and bacterias!

This explains also why this wood has been chosen for the (alpine) housing and furniture. Referring these qualities to human beings he says:
Arven wood teaches us to withstand 'stormy times', to develop a sense of endurance and resistance and to remain patient. Yet...
Never loose sight of the goal! No matter how wild, stormy or windy it is around you; this seems to be the secret of the Arven. In other words; Whatever happens, go through life with all its challenges at a calm pace, step by step, though it may not seem so easy in our digital world.


The Arve tree/wood is therefore a helpful and reliable companion. It reminds us of being patient and that in certain situations it is better to drawback and to save the energy for the more important rather then wasting it in pointless fights with harmful outcome.

Arven moonwood pendants - Queen of the alps

SKU: 0008
  • Lowers heart rate, supports regeneration, lowers sensitivity to weather changes, reduces headache and migraine, defensive effect against clothes moths, toxic effect against harmful organisms (mould, fungi, germs) have been proved.

    (Info from Moonwood specialists)

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