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Beech spirit is made of beech twigs. Every piece is naturally different.
You can use it either as a lampshade or as a hanging decor. The lovely form has somehow a calming yet motivating character, like the move of a paint brush. Beech spirit is absolutely vegan and totally untreated! 
The beech tree is called ‘Mother of the forest’.
It stands for tolerance, harmony and supports good and friendly communication.The energy of the beech tree symbolizes space.One beech tree evaporates approx. 200 liter water/day (depending on the age, a 100yr old beech up to 400 l/day!).

Beech spirit small

  • It is absolutely untreated. Beech twigs are also quite flexible; even being dry, the twigs still keep a certain elasticity, e.g. when it falls to the ground it normally does not break. But you still need to hold it gentle and not squeeze of bend it as your fingers might break it.
    Cleaning: If it becomes dusty, just wipe with a moist cloth. 

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