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These blackberry root chokers are amazing! Their naturally colourful design with the different shades from beige to black appears so vivid! A good choice if you are looking for something simple, light and yet extraordinary!

You can turn the choker however you like to wear it. Openings on the side, at the back of the neck, or in front ....whatever suits you. (Each piece is unique!)
Please check care instructions below.

Blackberry root choker

  • How to use: The roots are very flexible, good for wearing, but easily changes its form through warmth and liquid. So be aware: Shower, bathing, swimming and sweating will change the form!
    How to wear: You open the open ends and slip the neckless onto your neck, after putting it on, you 'close' the widened ends by pushing the ends back together with gentle pressure. 

    It should keep for a very long time, if you treat it gently. No need to worry that it breaks.

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