These Oak moonwood pendants come in bright and dark colours.  Both are natural!
The dark type is from those trees which were lying cheek to cheek with earthy grounds. (after felling, trees usually lay on the ground for some time).

You can choose the pendants which are shown, but also ask for a specific style.
Bails: Silver, copper or brass wire.
Style: Plain or with semiprecious stones. 
Please contact me if you like a certain style.

Oak wood - Grounding and finding balance
It is said that the power of stillness will flow through you when touching an Oak wood; this energy will support you in your concrete actions. The Oak tree helps grounding and to finding an inner balance.  It supports not only the loyalty to yourself but also to others. The Oak wood is an ideal support when feeling exhausted and  having sleep disturbances; It calms the nerves. 

Oak moonwood pendant