Silent spiral speeks about the power of creation and transformation. This floral artwork is made of pine cones. Each pine cone has its own unique spiral pattern by nature.
All 43 pine cones are tied together with a fine brass wire thread and attached to a thicker wire to form one big spiral.  The diameter is approx. 60cm. 
Pine cones 100% natural, personally handpicked in Switzerland.

The spiral is the most common form in nature, our life and the universe. It is 'THE energy flow system' of creation and universal.  E.g. Galaxies like our milky way, but also our blood runs in a spiral, our DNA, the sap in trees, many plants, snails, in waters etc. 


Enjoy this beautiful artwork on your wall, feel the silent power of the spiral energy; a meditative extension to a wider realm.


Silent spiral - power of creation

CHF 120.00Price