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The Sycamore tree is a symbol of strength, protection and divinity.

It is often planted in cities for it is very resistant towards pollution. Furthermore you find it often planted in allees and patios of restaurants because it provides a lot of shade during hot summers.

Plane bark pendant with gold leaf

SKU: 0001
  • My wood bark pendants are absolutely organic and untreated. If necessary I would oil some of them. The only part which has an additional treat is where I added the gold leaf. When you wear it the wooden side will be in contact with your skin. It therefore should not cause any irritation.


  • As mentioned below you can order also a wood bark pendant of your choice. As long as it is available I shall be happy to create a pendant according to your wish. Availability needs to be checked before. 

    e.g. Many kinds of Moonwood are mostly available. Whereas wood from Mother Nature is limited, depending on what kind of tree. 

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