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This picture shows a spiral made of 3 layers of different soil types, with a pine in the centre and reused gems and crystals flowing with the spiral energy! When the sun shines on it, the gems twinkle and sparkle. This artwork is an absolute première with a size of 35cms/46cms. 

is the most common form existing in our universe.
The ancient spiral symbolizes



Cosmic energy embodied within the sun and heavens


The spiral form is mirroring the macrocosm of the unfolding universe itself. In native traditions the spiral was the energetic source, the primordial mother...

The spiral symbol goes back to 5000 years when humans were less identified with thoughts. 


The spiral is what we perceive to be the torch of the universe.


Spirals in microcosmos & macrocosmos

From the water in the bathtub to our DNA and found throughout the natural world:

Snails, seacoral, spiderwebs, fossils, seahorsetails, shells; in nature it is a logo rhythm (golden ratio).


The primordial spiral is rather a condition which makes all conditions possible.


THE SPIRAL ENERGY. Torch of the universe.

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