'Uprooted or new perspectives' is about changing perspectives. The branch on the golden board is a Willow root which I found on a heap of green waste. Its beautiful twining roots drew my attention immediately.
The round shape stands for the infinite cycle of life. The golden colour symbolizes light and life. Together it is like a yinandyang dynamic, the dark root with its 'past' finds new existance in a new dimension and brightens up again. This spiritual act is a reminder for 'letting go' and 'trust in the flow of life'.

Uprooted or new perspectives?

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size, color, wood
  • Willow root, painted with recycable glaze. The board is lime wood and has a diameter of 75cm, the golden paint is acrylic.

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Since 22 years I enjoy working with the amazing materials from Mother Nature.


With my products I offer a way of reconnection to our source of life. By wearing a pendant, admiring a beautiful artistic object or using natural decor at home, it shall be a kind of a reminder. 


Nature's beauty is the energy to connect to our inner being and find inner peace. This can be a big support in our every day life. Like a sunset: We can watch it a hundred times, we still enjoy it every time we see it again. This feeling is the kind of nature energy which is comforting, reassuring and strenghtening.

All of my products are made with care, admiration and love. The raw pieces I collect carefully in different regions of Switzerland and South East Sussex. The moonwood I get from a moonwood specialist & carpenter in Switzerland.

Mother Nature is incredibly inspiring and being regularly in touch with nature renews this energy.  

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