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Moonwood effects - overview A - Z

Source from Moonwood experts Erwin Thoma/at and Christoph Lerch/ch

Alder - feel connected, easiness, positivity, flow
Clears busy minds, positive thougths, supports gentleness, helps naging people to find light and positive attitude, connects to inner being, connects to the environment

Please be aware that Moonwood descriptions do not replace any medical advise!
Touch wood, feel good.

Apple - easiness, tolerance
Helps to ease pettiness and pedantic behaviour

Arven 'Queen of the alps' - tree  is a master of survival and stands for resilience, perseverance, inner strength, patience, regeneration
It regenerates, lowers weather sensitivity, headache and migrane. Arven wood is famous for its amazing fragrance! This unique scent comes from the essential oil which the arven tree produces. It is said to be a natural defense against moths. It is scientifically proved to be antibacterial and toxic against harmful organisms like moulds & bacterias. 

The Arven tree (Swiss stone pine)  is a master of survival! 

In a rough environment when it is stormy weather, temperatures below zero degrees Celsius and under avalanches and big amounts of snow loading on the trees, the arven tree would rather bend then break off. Arven trees lay down onto the ground until spring and then straighten up again.
Arven wood teaches us to withstand 'stormy times', to develop a sense of perseverance and resistance and to remain patient. Yet...

Never lose sight of the goal! No matter how wild, stormy or windy it is around you; this seems to be the secret of the Arven. In other words; Whatever happens, go through life with all its challenges at a calm pace, step by step, though it may not seem that easy in our digital world.

Ash - perseverance, awareness, heart energy, meditative
Calm & peaceful, helps being present and aware, supports flexibility and imagination, ideal for training strong willpower, becoming strong and tough,
meditative, helps to connect, good for blood circulation, emotional pressure on heart, tissues and joints.

Beech (Mother of the forest)- communication, energy, harmony, healing for lungs and breath, tolerance Harmonizing, supports good & friendly communication, energy charger for vitality, cooling effect, cleans lungs and supports breathing, helps to focus, by lack of concentration it helps to liaise with clarity and structure, when overwhelmed Beech is no. 1 choice (e.g.stressed, burn-out).

The beech tree supports us with energy and courage to assert oneself and thrive in order to experience our own potential.

The energy of the beech tree symbolizes space.
One beech tree evaporates approx. 200 liter water/day (depending on the age, a 100yr old beech up to 400 l/day!).

Birch - flexibility & creativity
Refines our perception for details, supports emotional balance, supports the search of personal identity: Step by step it helps developing competence of making decisions and growing through challenges.

Cherry – Love, Joy
Cherry tree is the expression of birth, fertility and joy. 

The cherry moonwood support: obtain findings, new beginning, youthfulness ,
freshness , spring.

Elm – Change of perspectives, transformation, confidence, wisdom and love
Basically the elm tree has a solving nature. It teaches us to let go of gridlocked situations and to look at the apparently ‘unsolvable’ from a different point of view. Changing and transforming are the strengths of the elm. These principles seem to effect even organic functions. Degrading and dissolving illnesses are transformed into enhancing and regenerative healing powers. The elm energy supports the willingness to let things happen by observing from a distance. Her themes are the pursuit of wisdom, confidence, love, honesty and awareness.

Fruit trees - always relate to recognition, insight, renewal

Linden/ Lime tree - Tolerance, open-minded, strength, calm
The Lime tree supports being more outgoing and open-minded towards others and helps being tolerant. It supports us with the necessary strength to realize our good intentions. Linden wood has a calming effect and helps to remain calm.

Maple – Tree of consciousness and wisdom

Deceleration, tranquillity, calms heart and nerves, clear mind, reluctance and modesty,
„The one who hurries, will not find luck“)

Oak - Balance, grounding
The power of silence will flow to you when touching this wood. And it will support you in your concrete actions.

The oak tree and its wood helps to ground ourselves and find our inner balance.
It supports being loyal to yourself and to others.
Similar to the beech moonwood, the oak moonwood is also ideal when exhausted and with sleeping problems. It has a calming effect on the nerves.

Olive wood - Gentleness, wisdom
Moonwood specialist Christoph says that olive wood helps against fatigue.

Pear wood - recognition, renewal and soothing
The pear wood seems to have a cooling and soothing effect

Pine/ scots pine - Intuition, calming,  vitality and self esteem
Pine power helps us to overcome life crisis and find the right intuition in such times. Grief which has brought up painful experiences, transforms into grace and its processing. The central theme of Pine Moonwood is the longing for perfection. Pine wood is also recommended in times of constant load of heart and nerves. It is calming and strenghtens vitality and self-esteem. Melancholic people can profit from Scots pine wood too.

Plum – releases tension, softens, very cooling

Walnut –Clarity & willpower, nervous system
The walnut tree is considered to be a tree that helps people in decisiveness (making decisions). When a person is torn between many posibilities and cannot decide, it is said that the walnut tree will support you after a few visits. Also, when subject to severe mood swings.
The walnut tree is a mediator between heaven and earth, it mediates clarity and willpower. It helps to be more patient and to trust that a loss does not need to lead to grief, but instead to liveration. The walnut tree and moonwood supports your nervous system.

Yew – Transformation, awareness, protection
The yew is the dinosaur among all types of european trees and can age up to 3000 yrs! - In ancient Celtic times the yew tree belonged to the 5 holy trees. It stands for transformation and as a symbol of eternal life; it has been used as protective amulets and lots more. The yew vibration is very strong and helps opening our awareness for transformation.

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