Moonwood effects - overview - description

Source from Moonwood experts Erwin Thoma/at and Christoph Lerch/ch

Alder - feel connected, easyness, positivity, flow
Clears busy minds, positive thougths, supports gentleness, helps naging people to find light and positive attitude, connects to inner being, connects to the environment

Apple - easyness, tolerance
Helps to ease pettyness and pedantic behaviour

Touch wood,
feel good.

Please be aware that Moonwood descriptions do not replace any medical advise!

Arven 'Queen of the alps' - tree  is a master of survival and stands for resilience, antibacterial, transformation, regeneration regenerates, lowers weather sensitivity, headache and migrane, defensive effect against moths, scientifically proved to be antibacterial, toxic against harmful organisms like moulds & bacterias.

Ash - endurance, awareness, heart energy

Calm & peaceful, helps being present and aware, supports flexibility and imagination, ideal for training strong willpower, becoming strong and tough,
meditative, helps to connect, good for blood circulation, emotional pressure on heart, tissues and joints.

Beech (Mother of the forest)- communication, energy, harmony, healing for lungs and breath, tolerance Harmonizing, supports good & friendly communication, energy charger for vitality, cooling effect, cleans lungs and supports breathing, helps to focus, by lack of concentration it helps to liaise with clarity and structure, when overwhelmed Beech is no. 1 choice (e.g.stressed, burn-out).

Birch - flexibility & creativity
Refines our perception for details, supports emotional balance, supports the search of personal identity: Step by step it helps developing competence of making decisions and growing through challenges.



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Since 22 years I enjoy working with the amazing materials from Mother Nature.


With my products I offer a way of reconnection to our source of life. By wearing a pendant, admiring a beautiful artistic object or using natural decor at home, it shall be a kind of a reminder. 


Nature's beauty is the energy to connect to our inner being and find inner peace. This can be a big support in our every day life. Like a sunset: We can watch it a hundred times, we still enjoy it every time we see it again. This feeling is the kind of nature energy which is comforting, reassuring and strenghtening.

All of my products are made with care, admiration and love. The raw pieces I collect carefully in different regions of Switzerland and South East Sussex. The moonwood I get from a moonwood specialist & carpenter in Switzerland.

Mother Nature is incredibly inspiring and being regularly in touch with nature renews this energy.  

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